Sitemap - 2023 - Political Cartoons & Comic Strips by Darrin Bell

Why C-Dog pays for everything with cash

The House of Reprehensible's Parents Bill of Rights Act

Massacard's skyrocketing APR

Why you should never fly with a head cold

The epidemic of right wing hypocrisy is murdering our children's minds and bodies

Right-wing Priorities, and why we speak English

Watch you must watch Reboot on Netflix

What they see in the clouds

Donald Trump will be arrested on Tuesday

Lemont's long-lost daddy calls at last?

Lemont regrets sending in his DNA

Lemont joins an ancestry site

He marched with Dr. King

He wants to tell her thing or two

When is smog not smog?

The sudden Republican obsession with "Groomers"

Medical tourism is dangerous

The cute thing his son just said

The precious Raggedy Andy doll

When is a doll not a doll?

I know what you're going to say

Lemont had a horrible dream

Why Republicans have introduced 300+ anti-trans bills

The Rasmussen Poll that brought down Scott Adams

Videos of Black on white violence every damn day

The Segregationist Board Meeting

The low-down Rasmussen poll

Filbert's Scoot Madams draws Candorville

Nothing actually exists

The world is coming to an end

Admitting a deep, dark secret out loud

Everyone is selling out

Scott Adams, Ron DeSantis, and the House of Reprehensibles

He was born too early

The super-mature crossing guard

Mysterious booms and sky trumpets

What brings you to therapy

Who says guys don't talk about their feelings?

The folly of whitewashing Roald Dahl

The Sportsball Report

Is it cowardly not to cover a war?

Messing around in a war zone

The journalist who rushed into danger

Man on the Ground in Ukraine

Maybe it's just your imagination

What does the AI think of book-banning?

Which president is to blame for the Ohio train derailment?

Training Ezmeralda is dangerous

The AI gives Lemont investment advice

What did C-Dog do to the police?

Biden's UFO-hunting spree

We need a new Constitution

The criminals were neck and neck

They want to send an intrepid reporter to Ukraine

About the GOP's obsession with trans Americans

Mary Shelley was Gangsta

Women write the best stuff

Caught in the act

The system is rigged against you

Things fall apart

The extremely offensive Christmas gift

International Executive Assistant's Day

Suddenly the people who "don't see color," see color

Is Martin from Marketing cheating on Andrea from Accounting?

They're gleeful about Tyre Nichols' murderers being Black men

Hustling pays in any economy

The expectation of the Black brain in a police state

Police stop a Black motorist, unsurprising events follow

Parenting by TV

He can't get his son into Star Trek

Why Spanish class is dumb

Words are all we have to go on

All the things he can't do

Little Lionel's learning to dance.

His neighbor is obviously just scared to debate.

They complained about being canceled before that was popular

Do our names have power?

Republicans revel in their hypocrisy over classified documents

The impossibly distant dwarf planet returns

Why Americans can't argue straight anymore

A cure for aging may be just years away

Right battle, wrong name

Matt Damon’s biggest regret?

Gerbil Automotive’s stock is plummeting

Why is history erected on a skeleton of wars?

One of these classified document scandals is not like the other

When an African kingdom kicked a European power's ass

A lot happened 400 years ago, but not that

The altered question

The 400th anniversary of something you should've heard about long ago

Everything(is) in the universe is made of energy

How many sunrises have you witnessed?

The past may not be prologue

Clowns have seized control of the House of Representatives

The quite possibly untrue truth about Momma

One reason why people don't call their parents

Wishing Momma a Happy New Year a little too late

The Happy New Year that wasn't

The new hire has a lot of plans