Sitemap - 2023 - Political Cartoons & Comic Strips by Darrin Bell

A very crazy (and very real) theory about the Moon

The End of the Line

Nikki Haley can’t walk this back

One by one

The adventures of the In Crowd

She moved out west to be with family

The major women were expected to take

Alta Faye Bell Jefferson Crawford

Lemont Brown’s Christmas Carol

How not to make people sick of hearing about your kids

The playground stalker

Trump's "poisoning the blood of America" comment, and Lemont gets that number

Lemont looks all alone

The normalizing of Hitlerspeak, and he dropped his phone in the worst place possible

We never went to the Moon, and there's something about Baltimore

At least there’s a tax deduction for that

The lazy texter

“For customers only” restrooms

Does this make him a hypocritical journalist?

The therapist’s counter-programming exercise

The very proper man, and guess where the book tour is going next?

When we played all by ourselves

The Republican Flurry of Felonies, and

Nothing lasts forever

The C-Dog Apology

Lemont knows how to find a good man

Why read a newspaper, the mother in law cometh, and Mr. Braun repeats himself

Do you think it’s too late?

Psychopath war criminal Henry Kissinger finally dies, and how much does Susan earn?

Dick Fink’s foul-smelling soup

Better check on that return policy

Tyrone sings all the time

Police use black men's photos as target practice

Was this the absolute wrong advice?

Letting go is hard to do

The sunk cost friendship

A friend once upon a time

Did Betty Flakeman show up?

The long tooth conspiracy, and the theoretical friend


Elon Musk endorses antisemitism, and All the Horrible Things

A trick for filling awkward pauses in a conversation

Trump calls millions of us "vermin," and Rosencrantz & Tyrone discuss the supernatural

The sponge

An increasingly rare and priceless treat

The True Love Paradox

Ivanka Trump testifies at her crime family's fraud trial, and a rising tide lifts all boats

He's getting it from both sides

The "anonymity" of the Internet, and the wisdom of holding something for a friend

About that disappointing date

MAGA Mike Johnson, Israel, the IRS, and dating younger

The Critical Date

Dr. Noodle gets to the heart of the matter

The helpful therapist, and the intentional spoiler

The fundamental transformation

Republicans are enabling the next mass shooting, Lemont wants to leave the planet, and THE TALK named among the year's ten best books

Did mental illness cause the Maine mass shooting? And is bumming a free book off a friend a compliment?

A prophet in his own land

The case of the vanishing burrito

Unintentional synchronicity: parenthood and the ego

The subtlety of Biden's Oval Office address about Israel, Palestine, and Ukraine -- and FedHex strikes again

The telltale clue

Why does he need an alibi?

Get THE TALK in French!

If he could be anyone in history, and C-Dog needs an alibi

We haven’t argued in a long time

The blood of innocents, and the inevitable asteroid

The curse of the Holy Land, and an amicable resolution

The map of the Middle East, and the incredible goatee

Why do you talk so fast?

The accelerating Big Bang

When catching up with old friends goes wrong

Trump blabs nuclear secrets to a foreign billionaire, and unintentional political satire

A court gags Trump,

The ultimate family heirloom

Lemont admits his true feelings to Susan, and some Gannett papers drop Candorville

We may be alone in the galaxy after all

When you found out the modern world passed you by

Join me at the Brooklyn Book Festival today

When Big Oatmeal went platinum

This is when you go see a doctor

The fascist Project 2025, escaping to Canada, and reading the prologue of THE TALK

Back to wearing a mask

The thoughtful man, and Lemont was wrong about Elon Musk

Those ads you see on YouTube are shady

Rupert Murdoch's job is done and so is the West

This is a deliberate tactic and the end of democracy

Control is an illusion because of entropy

"Boeberting" should become a verb for "excercising extreme hypocrisy"

C-Dog on Elon Musk sabotaging Ukraine

The interminable water break

He got tired of being heartless

Learn about the critically acclaimed graphic memoir THE TALK in a two minute video, and Lemont branches out

Was his article irresponsible?

The look of depression

Our species will get what we deserve

We’ve been spewing since the 19th Century

His son has a fool proof plan, and one bad review

What it means to be BANNED in DeSantistan (a.k.a. Florida)

Why do we reply at all to each other?

She replied late to his text

C-Dog replies to Lemont’s texts in his own way

He wrote about the big scandal, and then this happened

The guy who almost ran over Lemont

Ron DeSantis decries a "scumbag" racist murderer, and Lionel faces a bully

The evidence he found in her hair

They’re tenderizing us

Clyde's writing a new Green Book

The (latest) racist Florida shooting

Are they really your best friend?

Donald Trump's mug shot, and did Susan Garcia buy the farm?

Father of the year nominee right here

An epic parenting fail

The most embarrassed he’s ever been

Why are they so afraid?

The Writers Strike This Time, and the pandemic

Rosencrantz has nothing on Tyrone

Susan asks why Gary earns 15% more than her

Donald Trump asks for his trial to start far in the future

When kidding goes wrong

Why asking C-Dog to watch his kid was a mistake

The great PIN number controversy

C-Dog's famous magic trick

It's totally cool that the coral reefs are dying off.

C-Dog walks Susan Garcia home

Republicans move the Hunter goal post, and a lesson about death

When is a silverfish not a silver fish?

The reasonable unreasonable response

Fake news, rear ends, killing Hitler, and five months, three days, seventeen hours

Proper adulting requires home ownership?

He has nothing to leave his son (or does he)?

Corporate tax loopholes, igloos, the grammar police, and Rosencrantz & Tyrone

The big fat distraction from the very, super, explosively important Hunter Biden story

When Jehovah’s Alibi came knocking

Have you heard the good news?

Just when you thought he was screwed

“Hey” opens up a can of worms

C-Dog’s plans for today

Donald Trump and the Global Warming "Hoax"

He made his son an offer he couldn’t refuse

How to tell you’re a big boy now

When you're rejected (ish) for credit, and when your child rejects your dinner

He is totally, definitely, positively, SO over Kelly

How to tell someone is a good dad

DeSantistan decrees slavery benefited Black people, and why has Susan never seen a photo of Lemont's son?

His son’s first word opens up a can of worms

Why are precious moments precious?

When keeping a journal is dumb

He keeps a journal of his son’s firsts

Why C-Dog is always two steps ahead

He accidentally tweeted a picture of his junk

His world is over

"The Eagle has landed" and Casper the Friendly Ghost

C-Dog said what he said!

When agreeing to disagree goes wrong

Don’t tell anyone that Susan gave Phil Anders a call

When Miss Annes went full NAZI

Everyone is busy

Why Momma can’t watch little Lionel

His fear of abandonment

Why you might miss out on something great

The odd reason why he loves children

The illegitimate affirmative action hires

The Forgotten Middle Name

The worst person in the world

Watch me discuss THE TALK with Michel Martin on CNN’s Amanpour & Company

Why names are for strangers

This corrupt and illegitimate Supreme Court didn't kill affirmative action in a vacuum

What's your name in your head?

The second witness ruins everything

C-Dog reacts badly to small talk

One expectant mother's unexpected ultrasound

Multiple revenue streams

The first time you ever got mad at someone, and the value of pizza

The Republican Party is corrupt to its core

She’s behind schedule on her life plan

Do you ever think about you and me?

Did Aesop’s Fable always go this way?

He really wants to act

Videos of you are all over the place

The best hobby for a parent

You can only have two out of three

Didn’t you once have hobbies?

What's the last book you read?

Is this the future you imagined?

How to give customers what they really want

Does the Trump indictment prove the Great Hamster exists?

Well at least he tried

What sport should you teach your child?

A fire truck on the rings of Saturn

Listen to me talk about THE TALK on NPR’s Weekend Edition

Operation: Put Toddler to Sleep

The newspaper that fired him wants him back

He's not so sure he's right

The Genesis of anti-LGBTQ bigotry?

About that man who was locked in the trunk

The Talk book tour begins next week

You sound awfully defensive

What watching Star Trek Picard season three has done to him

Are you terrible with names?

Why C-Dog would rather self-publish his children’s book

Lemont asked the AI for advice

Guess which Americans are on Putin's sanctions list?

He abuses his power all the time

On the one-year anniversary of the Uvalde school massacre

Timey-Wimey stuff

The problem with Susan Garcia’s favorite gym

C-Dog’s writing a children’s book

Not at all what she meant

Where to put your money during the coming recession

What does Miles Davis have to do with the MAGA party's Durham Report?

Lemont has to share his book tour with Darrin Bell

The "G" in GOP stands for "Giuliani"

Why it’s a great time to babysit

Lemont Brown’s book tour, a crumbling marriage, and that time Darrin Bell was on the Conan O’Brien show

The memoir that wasn’t

He lost his crypto recovery code

He found a preschool for his son, but then this happened

The impossibly long preschool waiting list

That time C-Dog collaborated with Hall & Otis

The "It's not the guns, it's mental illness" fallacy

President Eddie Murphy

Abundance God is talking to c-Dog

God has a plan for C-Dog

Why more and more students are getting detention

He’s a little too comfortable

WHY Lemont was watching “Maury”

Yet another mass shooting in America

The second couple on "Maury"

How I got (and lost) the very first copy of The Talk

Did he use his identical twin to cheat on his wife?

One less liar in Fox News' barrel of liars

He can't believe Fixed News canceled Tucky Tarleson

The perilous Darien Gap is spreading

Tyrone's forgotten he's forgotten something

Emmett Till's lying accuser dies, did she escape justice?

Why are all his stock porftolio numbers in red?

Playing adult games on the computer

Flash 2-day SALE on pre-orders of my book THE TALK at Barnes & Noble

Are people who complain about racism the REAL racists?

Andrew Lester's racist shooting of Ralph Yarl

Tucker Carlson OUT at Fox News

You shouldn’t do that anymore in the USA

Civil Asset Forfeiture makes us all guilty until proven innocent

It’s never* too late

The best part of being a parent

His son said something amazing

Ron DeSantis's fascist obsession with Disney

Did your local paper just cancel Candorville? Here’s what to do.

The one thing a parent can never ignore

His son’s favorite part of today

Past Lives and Ancient Songs

He wrote a novel about a con man, and then this happened

It’s important to find out who that baby’s daddy is

How to get more sleep

Maybe you need to get y'self checked out

What do meditating, children, and toothaches have in common?

Join me on Notes

Tennessee can't unring this bell

Taking a break from everyone

How else would a day in the park be tax deductible?

The Alley vs. Oblivion

Lemont tries to tempt Clyde

The assault on "wokism" is nothing new

What does C-Dog do for a living?

Supply is going fast, get it while you can

Sunsets, fake girlfriends, and insinuations

She says he should help out around the house more

Why C-Dog pays for everything with cash

The House of Reprehensible's Parents Bill of Rights Act

Massacard's skyrocketing APR

Why you should never fly with a head cold

The epidemic of right wing hypocrisy is murdering our children's minds and bodies

Right-wing Priorities, and why we speak English

Watch you must watch Reboot on Netflix

What they see in the clouds

Donald Trump will be arrested on Tuesday

Lemont's long-lost daddy calls at last?

Lemont regrets sending in his DNA

Lemont joins an ancestry site

He marched with Dr. King

He wants to tell her thing or two

When is smog not smog?

The sudden Republican obsession with "Groomers"

Medical tourism is dangerous

The cute thing his son just said

The precious Raggedy Andy doll

When is a doll not a doll?

I know what you're going to say

Lemont had a horrible dream

Why Republicans have introduced 300+ anti-trans bills

The Rasmussen Poll that brought down Scott Adams

Videos of Black on white violence every damn day

The Segregationist Board Meeting

The low-down Rasmussen poll

Filbert's Scoot Madams draws Candorville

Nothing actually exists

The world is coming to an end

Admitting a deep, dark secret out loud

Everyone is selling out

Scott Adams, Ron DeSantis, and the House of Reprehensibles

He was born too early

The super-mature crossing guard

Mysterious booms and sky trumpets

What brings you to therapy

Who says guys don't talk about their feelings?

The folly of whitewashing Roald Dahl

The Sportsball Report

Is it cowardly not to cover a war?

Messing around in a war zone

The journalist who rushed into danger

Man on the Ground in Ukraine

Maybe it's just your imagination

What does the AI think of book-banning?

Which president is to blame for the Ohio train derailment?

Training Ezmeralda is dangerous

The AI gives Lemont investment advice

What did C-Dog do to the police?

Biden's UFO-hunting spree

We need a new Constitution

The criminals were neck and neck

They want to send an intrepid reporter to Ukraine

About the GOP's obsession with trans Americans

Mary Shelley was Gangsta

Women write the best stuff

Caught in the act

The system is rigged against you

Things fall apart

The extremely offensive Christmas gift

International Executive Assistant's Day

Suddenly the people who "don't see color," see color

Is Martin from Marketing cheating on Andrea from Accounting?

They're gleeful about Tyre Nichols' murderers being Black men

Hustling pays in any economy

The expectation of the Black brain in a police state

Police stop a Black motorist, unsurprising events follow

Parenting by TV

He can't get his son into Star Trek

Why Spanish class is dumb

Words are all we have to go on

All the things he can't do

Little Lionel's learning to dance.

His neighbor is obviously just scared to debate.

They complained about being canceled before that was popular

Do our names have power?

Republicans revel in their hypocrisy over classified documents

The impossibly distant dwarf planet returns

Why Americans can't argue straight anymore

A cure for aging may be just years away

Right battle, wrong name

Matt Damon’s biggest regret?

Gerbil Automotive’s stock is plummeting

Why is history erected on a skeleton of wars?

One of these classified document scandals is not like the other

When an African kingdom kicked a European power's ass

A lot happened 400 years ago, but not that

The altered question

The 400th anniversary of something you should've heard about long ago

Everything(is) in the universe is made of energy

How many sunrises have you witnessed?

The past may not be prologue

Clowns have seized control of the House of Representatives

The quite possibly untrue truth about Momma

One reason why people don't call their parents

Wishing Momma a Happy New Year a little too late

The Happy New Year that wasn't

The new hire has a lot of plans