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yes, Clyde, of course he memorized it!

as for DeSantistan, all i can say is (((shudder)))

i've got some close friends, Black couple w/3 lovely children (hubby's a music collaborator w/me), born & raised & still living just outside Miami, i'm urging them to GTFO and lately he's been the one to increasingly bring it up in his messages... he loves your strip btw- but what's not to love?!?!?!?!?

i don't think i would even want to know someone who didn't love or at least appreciate your work!

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I saw the first cartoon in our paper yesterday. Kudos! Baby boy and Clyde keep it real for Lemont. The little guy is catching on very early, but wonder if he’s got ADD with all that late night jumping up and down on the bed. 😄 Clyde knows exactly how to push all of the buttons to get Lemont thinking. That’s what best friends do.

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No Lionel, it's the kind of toxic that get people killed. We are not going to DisneyWorld.

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In my world of work (tourism, hospitality, meetings) the “party line” is we would harm those we want to help by staying away. Yet other than a sanctuary city or two I’ve seen little in plans and practices to keep many safe.

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