Sitemap - 2022 - Political Cartoons & Comic Strips by Darrin Bell

Lemont Brown's year in review

Does Coinbase carry Tulipcoin?

How late is too late to call a friend?

Why Republicans finally soured on Trump

AI writes essay explaining why Star Trek is superior to Star Wars

The invaluable algorithm

One sleep disorder is more costly than most

Putin disproves astrology

How to get Santa to give you presents if you were bad all year

Is it time to leave?

Season's Hatings

Canada as an escape plan

An MTG-ectomy is required

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Anti-trans TX attorney general seeks list of transgender Texans

How George Jefferson Changed History

She has no sympathy for gig workers who don't pay their taxes

The insurrectionist who wants his Twitter reinstated

He wrote the book on gaslighting

No, Putin will not use nukes

Her boss assures her she misheard him

The shame would be too great

Is the right wing war on LGBTQ Americans targeting power stations?

Better report your side income

They thought he was a God

When one more question isn't

Kyrsten Sinema Kyrsten Sinemas the whole thing

Why long distance relationships are the best

The courts smack down the Don

Who misses who more?

Trump wants to "suspend" the Constitution

He declares a man cannot be a woman

How could this date go wrong?

Little Lionel's Favorite Part of Today

Republicans condemn antisemitism (an editorial cartoon)

When cancel culture goes wrong (a Candorville comic strip)

When did his son stop looking up to him?

A Lullaby for Little Lionel

Donald Trump's White Supremacist Dinner

He wonders if the Him on Earth Two is Happier (a Candorville cartoon)

No. Just no. (a Candorville cartoon)

The mass shooting at the Q Nightclub brings the total to far more than 600 for 2022

The insurrection is coming from inside the House

Timelapse animation of the creation of the latest editorial cartoon

Editorial cartoon: Trump Announces he's running

Candorville timelapse drawing: Lemont, Clyde and C-Dog

The Red(ish) Wave

Another weapon in their arsenal

Elon Musk's Twitter is off to a lousy start

Fascist imagery floods Rome

"It's the economy, stupid" will bury us

Inflation is the biggest problem

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